Sunday, December 14, 2008

James Jeremiah

Thursday's visit to the doctor was the most exciting one yet. Not only did we get to see our happy, healthy baby, but we got to find out that we are HAVING A BOY!! Jeremy and I both are thrilled with the idea of having a boy. His name will be James Jeremiah, and no we will not call him J.J. It feels so good to know who is growing inside me and to start our preparations for him.
He is growing quite well and has changed soooo much since we saw him in October. He measured in the 67th percentile of most babies and he measured right at 21 weeks. So our due date remains the same. He was laying on his belly with his feet down on my bladder (I could have told the doctor that) and his cute little bottom was pointed straight up. This left his little "male parts" just dangling in plain site. Once the doctor took the picture of his "well. . . male part" he stood straight up as if to rejoice in the fact that he too was finding out he was a boy.
We can't wait to meet James and I can't wait to see Jeremy show a little boy just what it's like to become a great man.


Shaun and Jala said...

I'm so excited for you guys. Abigail is going to love playing with all the boys is life group! Congrats. Of course, I had to ask shaun b/c he forgot to tell me! Congrats again!

Girl Fisher said...

He's a character already! :-) I can't wait to meet him!

Jeff and Steph said...

sweeeeeet, boys rock!!!!!