Friday, March 20, 2009

A Sneak Peek of James

Well, I got another sneak peek at my little boy the other day. The doctor had a concern about his size and wanted to check it out. Turns out he just had his little bottom raised up as high as it could go and that made him measure bigger than he really is.
It was so great to enter into his little world and spy on him for a minute. He has changed a lot since December, but a few of his characteristics are still the same. He has good size cheeks, a long nose (like his mom and dad), full lips, and a long big toe. He was movin' and groovin' all over the place so we got to see a lot of what he does during the day.
At first he was rubbing his eyes and we could see his hair blowing in the amniotic fluid. Yes, that's right at least for now he has some hair. Then he folded his little hands under his chin like he was saying a prayer (or coming up with a scheme to give me a giant kick). He is wedged in their pretty good, but looked to have some room to still move around a little bit. He is head down and ready to go!
His size is perfectly fine. In fact, he measured in the 50th percentile so I was a bit relieved to not be expecting a giant baby. Everything looked healthy and he seemed happy!
"Thank you, James for sticking up your bottom so I could see you again. I think you knew my birthday was coming up and that was the best gift you could give me! Hang tight, we have just a few more weeks and then we can finally meet face to face."


Veretta said...

I can hardly wait, so I know you're REALLY excited! He's almost here!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous!!! But so excited for ya'll too!!! Such a blessing. I have a hard time imagining the Jeremy I knew in High School being a dad, but then I guess we all grow up sooner or later lol! Love you guys, and hope to see James soon! matt

Kevin and Jennifer's Place said...

Again, I must reiterate how cute those little cheeks are and lips for that matter. I am really so excited as I know you are 10X that!!!! Can't wait to pinch those cheeky cheeks, well, and give them a little kissy poo too. ;)

Girl Fisher said...

I hope his other toes catch up! ;-)