Sunday, November 15, 2009

7 Things I Love About My 7 Month Old

1. I love how ticklish the backs of your arms are. I can barely touch or squeeze the backs of your arms and you giggle or squirm immediately.
2. I love how you reach your little arms out and want to touch mine and Daddy's face all the time. You'll rub his cheeks with his scratchy whiskers and your rub my nose and mouth. I think you have our faces memorized. This is especially cute when you are sleeping near us because you do it in your sleep as well.
3. I love how seriously you play with your toys. You have this look that comes over your face when you are studying something. You get the toy all figured out and then you rush it to your mouth to bite and lick it. It's very funny and I have learned not to interrupt you when you are analyzing something seriously. :)
4. I love that you like to be surprised. If Daddy or I sneak across the floor and tackle you, we get a huge smile. If the "alligator" from the "3 Little Monkeys" song bites you, we get a huge smile. If the "Scary, Scary, Bed Monster (Daddy)" raises the sheets and tickles you, we get a huge smile. It's pretty obvious that we would travel to the moon and back just to get that smile. We love it.
5. I love how when you get sleepy at night time that you get really quite and reserved (more reserved than usual). You will give us little hints that you would like to go to bed: closing your eyes in the bathtub, laying your head on our shoulder, blinking slow in your highchair, etc. And once your bed is in sight you practically leap in to it. You love your bed.
6. I love the way that I can leave the room and when I return it's like I've been gone for 3 years. You smile and follow me with your eyes. Sometimes you wave at me with your new little wave. It's nice to be loved. I've been secretly enjoying the fact that you get a little sad when I leave the room now. I know it's a phase, but I tell myself it's because you think I'm so wonderful.
7. I love your sweet kisses. Sometimes I have to steal them, but most of the time you give them away freely. You get this look in your eyes that is very thoughtful and serious and then you move in with your mouth wide open and kiss me right on the lips. You kiss Daddy on the cheek the same way. Now we can even ask for a kiss and you'll give it, but it's the sweetest when you give me one by surprise. Sometimes I can't even pull you off, but deep down inside I don't want to anyway.
I have loved these past 7 months of getting to know you. You are a great kid! Sweet, calm, thoughtful, and adorable--that's my James Boy.

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Girl Fisher said...

So sweet! He's growing up so fast! He's such a wonderful boy.