Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Baby Turned 1

When this picture was taken on April 9th of last year I had no idea that my life was about change as much as it did. I knew my sweet baby boy was going to be here soon and that I was going to be head over heels in love with him, but nothing could have prepared me for the love I actually had for this brand new human.
April 10, 2009 was the BEST day of my life. Like I said, I knew I would love James, but I had no idea how much I would love James. I had been dying to see his face. I had looked at my sonogram picture a million times trying to create a face out of it and I finally got to meet him. He was perfect. . . a little bit of me and a little bit of Jeremy.
Everyone was amazed at all his beautiful highlighted hair. You could tell right away that he was laid back and that he had a gentle spirit. May came quickly and I spent every moment soaking up love from my new baby. At this time I still thought I was going back to work so I held James every moment that I could. He slept a lot and he was EASY!!!! He was content wherever he was, unless he was put on his tummy--YIKES! He still had his beautiful hair, which everyone said would fall out, and his personality was starting to show even more. It was in May when he discovered his thumb and they have been good friends ever since.
June brought lots of smiles as James became less and less of a newborn and more and more of a boy. He loved to be outside and he loved to be with his daddy. We waited and waited for him to give his first smile and then once he started smiling he never stopped. However, he only has his select few people that he smiles at. He is shy and serious and opens up only to those he is familiar with.
June was when he really started to "plump" up. He was one fluffy baby. His cheeks, thighs, and arms filled out like a nice squishy marshmellow.
July was when I made the decision to be a full-time mom. I still squirm at the realization that I almost didn't quit my job. I could burst into tears thinking about how my year could have been totally different. I am soooooooo happy that we were able to move and that I was able to stay at home. I've never regretted that decision even for a second.
James was born at the perfect time of year because he really got to enjoy the summer months. He still loved to go for walks and wanted to be outside as much as possible.
August brought with it a whole bunch of changes. We packed up our house and moved into an apartment. James never knew the difference, but it took some adjusting for us to fit into our new space. He discovered he had control over his hands and feet this month and I remember trying so hard to catch him on camera chewing on his toes.
This is the month that he really started discovering he was in control of his body, too. He began rolling and kicking and squirming all the time. My days were now filled with baby play time. It was great!

At 5 months old James started sitting up. He was always content to just sit and play. We were able to play lots of fun games like tower building and patty cake and we read lots of books. He was never curious enough to want to leave from wherever you sat him, but he always wanted to be doing something. I'll never forget when I took this picture because he was thrilled that he could now knock down the towers we built.

It wasn't until October that James would ever tolerate tummy time. Suddenly he realized that there was a need for being on your tummy. He started wanting to sleep on his tummy and started playing on his tummy, too. You can reach a lot more toys from your tummy than you can from sitting up.
It was clear to us that his personality that we saw on day one was the "real" him. He is laid back, serious, and gentle. We cannot get over how sweet he is. I remember that it was during these Fall months that James liked sleeping with us. He would wake up to eat about 4:30 in the morning and then come back to bed with me. He would always try to touch Jeremy or I in some way while he was sleeping with us. We LOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDDD it when he snuggled with us in bed.
November brought on lots of family time. We traveled to Amarillo for Thanksgiving and James started realizing that he had lots of family that really loved him. November also brought on his breathing problems. Although the Dr. thinks he will grow out of it, the asthma that he got was heart wrenching. He was on all kinds of breathing treatments and it felt like his lungs never got healthy.
Breathing treatments were not all bad. It gave us lots of snuggle time and it got to where we were reading close to 10 books a day. It was this month that James found his love of reading. He could now turn the page and hold the book on his own.
His first Christmas was so memorable. It was amazing to me that we were celebrating the birth of God's only Son while we shared the holiday with our only son. He loved all his presents and knew each one of them was for him. He began pulling up on everything and cruising around all the furniture. He was now 8 months old and on the move. We all thought he would skip crawling and go straight to walking, but that wasn't the case. He really started slimming down in December and started to look like a toddler and less like a baby.
My busy bee continued to explore his world in January and towards the end of the month he finally realized that the world could be explored a little faster if you crawled. Once he figured crawling out his curious and sneaky side came out. He would sneak off and go find things he knew he wasn't suppose to touch.
I love watching how his facial expression changes when he is doing something he's not suppose to. Hopefully, he will be totally terrible at lying and sneaking like his daddy and not a pro like I was.
February, the month of love, was fast paced. James was getting into everything and he was loving it. I don't think he played with a single toy this month. He spent all his time playing with trash, kitchen pots, chairs, and pulling clothes out of his drawer.
He started warming up around people a little more this month and is not so shy when in new situations. I think he will always be a little shy around new people, like his daddy, but I think he is starting to see that at least they're not as scary as they use to be.
He got his first 2 teeth in March and was very proud of them. Though we were sad to loose the "Gumby" smile we now love to hear him crunch his food. He loves brushing his teeth and has even graduated from the finger toothbrush to a real toothbrush.
He got a new friend, Remi, who comes to play with him everyday now. I didn't know how he would do with sharing all his toys and his mommy, but his sweet nature has proven itself again. Although he is always curious about the toys Remi is playing with, he is very gentle and kind to share his mommy and his house with his new buddy.
The Big One! I can't believe how fast it came, but it flew in and I'm so glad. He is a fantastic one year old. I have loved every single stage that he has gone through and at each one I think, "This stage is my favorite!" On April 10, 2009 I didn't think I could love him any more than I did that day, but I do. The love grows everyday. It's strange, but true. As I get to know him more, I love him more.
He is a great representation of the Lord. The day that I asked Jesus to come into my heart I was overwhelmed with love for Him. But the more I get to know Him, the more love and appreciation I have for Him.
I'm thrilled to have a toddler. I'm thrilled to have a son. I'm thrilled to know James Jeremiah Srader!


mcurtis said...

Happy Birthday James!

jq said...

He's so precious. It's amazing how much they change over a year and how fast it goes.

Sarah said...

I LOVE that last pic of him! Too too cute. I think Colin needs to hang out with your laid back, easy kid. Cause Colin is kind of tense and high strung! haha. They could balance each other out.

Happy Birthday to James! Maile, I hope you enjoy your next year at home with him!