Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Reader

James has recently started "reading" some of his favorite books. He loves his Clifford, "Where is the Big Red Doggie" book and will read it with the same inflection that I read it with.And when he reads the part that says, "But where is the big red doggie" he holds his hands out like he's asking a question. It's very funny. I've been trying to get him on film reading and finally caught him today reading a little of "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed". Usually he will bump his head with his hand when the monkey falls off the bed and will use a deep voice for the Doctor, but I didn't get that on film today. It's too cute watching him start to mimic all that we do.
Yesterday while I was at this lady's house (who I will be pet sitting for this week) the lady was telling me all about the vacation they are about to take and I said, "Wow!" and then Mr. Copy Cat said, "Wow!" It was the first thing he said the whole time we were there so it was really funny. She was like, "He talks?"

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debikay said...

Adorable and obviously highly intelligent.