Friday, May 7, 2010

Nothing Better Than This

I've told you before about the two African girls that we sponsor, right? Well, we got letters from both of them today and I just had to share with you the one from Marion. First, I'll tell you a little bit about her. She is in first grade and lives with her father, mother and new baby brother. She faithfully writes us and always includes some sticker or drawing if we've sent her stickers or markers. World Vision makes it possible for you to not only sponsor them every month ($30) but you can also send them money for their birthday or Christmas or whenever you want. Well we sent Marion $75 for her birthday in January and we got her letter and picture today telling us what she was able to purchase.
Before I tell you what she got I want you to think about the last time you spent $75 dollars. I can think of a few times this week we spent that amount of money:
1. Groceries that will maybe last one week $82
2. Jeremy's ticket for speeding $150
Anyway, $75 is just not that much money to us. We spend that kind of money pretty often. Well to Marion and her family it is a lot of money.
Here is a picture of her with her dad and all the things she bought and here is the letter she sent us. It says:
Dear Jeremy and Maile,
How are you? For us at home we are ok. Thank you for the $75 you sent to me. My parents went to the market and managed to buy the following things: A she goat, which will reproduce and multiply into many goats which will meet my future needs, a bed (she bought a mattress with her birthday money from last year), a blanket which will help improve my sleeping, a bag that I will use to keep my clothes and other things and I also bought socks. I will wear them to school and I will look smart. You have done a big thing towards my life and our family as a whole. God Bless you. I am now in grade one.
Stay well, Marion
We wept when we received this letter. These girls have come to mean so much to us and we are amazed at how far our dollars go in Africa. If you didn't listen to me when I posted about sponsoring a child before, please listen now. It is a huge blessing to our family and our money is changing lives in Africa. How often do you spend money and it actually change someone's life? If you can faithfully support a child from World Vision I guarantee you that you will be forever changed by your faraway friend.

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Natalyia said...

Such a sweet and inspiring message! Thanks for sharing! :)