Friday, November 19, 2010

Is it a bargain or a blessing?

Ever since we have moved back in to our house I have wanted our bedroom to have black and white furniture and our bed to have a maroon bedspread. I've searched high and low making at least 10 trips to Ikea, searching for hours on Craigslist, visiting every thrift store around and slowly but surely pieces are starting to pop up and the room is taking shape. I will not show you our bedroom as of yet because frankly it is still hodge podge, but I will show you my fantastic bedspread.

I'll set the scene. I'm walking through the mall looking for various Christmas presents and I happen to go into Sears. I stopped by their bedding section to look for ideas and spotted a fantastic comforter in a clearance bin. There was only one comforter in this bin. It was a $75 comforter marked for $20. I debated long and hard about getting it because we hadn't really started doing anything to our bedroom yet, but it was $20. Then as I looked closer I noticed that the clearance bin was marked an additional 50%. A BEDSPREAD FOR 10 BUCKS? NO WAY!!! So, I had to buy it, had to buy it. Ladies (I'm assuming only ladies read my blog) it is just perfect. And now I can't stop itching to get pillows and paint the walls and paint my bookshelves. I'll post a final picture someday, but for now just check out my pretty new bedspread. It's so great!

Don't tell me the Lord didn't have His hand in hooking me up with the perfect bedspread at the perfect price. It was not a bargain. It was a definite blessing.

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