Sunday, November 14, 2010

Painting With Apples

Fall is a great season for many reasons. One reason I love fall (this is the ex-teacher in me talking) is because there are great things to learn about in the fall. My boys have been busy learning all kinds of fall things the last few weeks and here is our latest art project.
We've been reading about apples and pumpkins and leaves and so I wanted to take a close look at our yummy friend the apple. The best thing about painting with apples is that now James and Remi love eating apples and they didn't before.
James can tell the story much better than I can, but first we cut our green apple in half. We got to touch the seeds and look at the core. Then we cut two center slices out to paint with and saved the outer part for eating.
We used two fall colors (which we are also learning) to paint with and this has been helpful as we talk about our paintings which now hang on the wall in the playroom.

After painting we ate our apple and even had to slice a red apple because we were very hungry. When I taught second grade we also painted with potatoes, but I'm going to save that until the spring when we start planting our garden.

I type all this up because I've gotten so many good ideas off my friend's blogs on how to teach my child at home and do enriching activities. These boys painted with apples two weeks ago and they both still talk about it when they see the paper on the wall. I'd love any ideas from you mommies on other fall activities. I also have lots and lots of good books you can borrow if you want to. Other activities to consider:

1. We pick up "tree balls" acorns, tree seeds, pecans and take them with us on our walks and "feed" the squirrels when we see squirrels.

2. We spent a week doing a leaf hunt and found all sizes and colors of leaves around our neighborhood. Then we taped them on construction paper and hung it on the wall.

3. We've been reading the book, "Going on a Bear Hunt" and set up obstacle courses around the house to do bear hunts and at the end we find our sweet little stuffed bear that chases us back under the covers (if you don't have this book you have to get it).


jq said...

You are so creative! I love your bear hunt activity, and I'm going to have to do the apple activity with Noah. I just feel brain dead lately with ideas of my own. My old teacher files are at my family's house in storage in my dad's shop--I need to get them down to get my memory jogged. Side note--I absolutely love the 1st pic of James at the park--such a cute smile.

Shaun and Jala said...

Malie, This is such a cute idea! Please share your teacher/creative knowledge with me that I can do with Abigail! James is getting so big and is still the cutest little boy. Hopefully, our families can get together sometime.

Wendy Davis said...

I love all your ideas! I'm always on the hunt for different activites for my girls! Thanks for sharing!