Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby A

We have a new little bundle in our home and she has a tight grip on all of our hearts already. Although I cannot legally post pictures of her on my blog I would love for you all to meet her. Baby A, as we will call her, is 8 months old and as cute as can be. I'm not sure how long we get to keep her, but everyday we have with her is a treat. We have pink bows, and onesies, and bibs floating around our house now and I'm glad to have her fun curls to play with.

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Wendy Davis said...

I loved getting to meet sweet baby A this morning. I'm so glad everything is going well, and that she is fitting in nicely. I know it was a little hetic this morning, everyone (including Finley) trying to meet little baby A. I think Finley thinks every baby is her baby! Hope things continue to go smoothly. Let me know if you need ANYTHING!!!