Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pukey Thanksgiving--Literally

It was a pretty pukey Thanksgiving at our house this year. Jeremy couldn't get off work, so James and I decided we would go to Amarillo by ourselves. Well, an hour down the road James puked in the car and so we returned home. I've never missed being around all my crazy family members like I did this year. It was pretty depressing.
James was miserable for 3 days and did nothing but basically sleep Thanksgiving day. The good thing that came our of our lonely holiday was that I got the urge to paint. I've been needing to paint our master bedroom, but it's so big and I had no idea what to color to paint it so I've just been putting it off. However, with James being so sleepy and a new house guest coming our way soon (hopefully) I got nesting fever and went to town. I feel great about having completed the task and I love the new color (grey). Our wonderful renters had painted our master a pretty tan color, but then they put a coat of glitter on top. Yes glitter!!! It was horrible. HORRIBLE!!!
I also painted the entry way and the front door and I like all of it. I'm not a color person, but now that new colors are here I like them. I should have taken pictures, but I didn't. Maybe later.
Here's James reading a book on Thanksgiving day. He kept telling me his stomach hurt and he would lay either on the floor or the couch at all times. Poor guy. But he still wanted to read. He's so faithful.
Pitiful. But I got some great snuggles out of the deal.
Absolutely miserable and the gatorade was never far from his side.

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