Saturday, January 8, 2011

Art and Exploration

I have absolutely loved finding some new mommy blogs out there that are so creative when it comes to finding activities for their kiddos. I got the idea for the sensory tubs here and tried it this week and had lots of success. I started in this small tub and that was fine for a while, but it got a little crowded with both boys and Baby A was trying to get the paper so then we graduated to . . .
our outdoor water and sand table. This worked great because the boys could stand up, which is more comfortable, and Baby A was kinda excluded, which was necessary since she still puts everything into her mouth. I gave them digging utensils and both were hesitant at first to even touch the paper, but as the week went on they got more and more comfortable and now they love it. I hid all kinds of things in there for them to find.
*Also, if you're wondering where I got all the fun shredded paper you are in luck. I went to Office Depo to buy ink this week and asked if I could have the paper out of their shredder. They said, "No because it's official documents" but they told me I could empty all their sample shredders. I emptied them alright. I came home with a trashbag full of shredded paper. So go there if you need paper.

I also got James an easel this week. I was trying to wait until his birthday, but we really needed it. He wants to color all the time and this was the perfect way to make his supplies available and still be able to be with the other kids. In this picture he's in the kitchen because he was using dot paints, but usually it's in the playroom because I only give him crayons or colored pencils. Anyway, this easel was $14.99 at IKEA. You just can't beat that.

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Krista said...

You could have had our easel!! We are ready to get rid of it.