Saturday, January 8, 2011

Canvas Painting

I saw an adorable painting idea here and wanted to do it with James, but I didn't want a snowflake that I could only keep out for a few more months. At this point in James' life he doesn't have much art work and the art work that he does have are all treasures to me so I want everything displayed. Sooooo, I decided to do her painting idea but with the first letter of his name.
It was so fun! He loved painting and the fact that this was a multi step project kept him in suspense all day of how it was going to turn out.
I bought the canvas and the paintbrushes at Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap and I already had the masking tape and the paint.
He really started getting excited when he did the red because he knew he still got to do yellow and it was looking pretty cool.
Here he is putting on the finishing touches. This took us all day and it was worth the wait because now he has a painting in his room :)
I think I'm going to outline the J in black. The original blogger did it to her snowflake and it looked good and since his room has black furniture I think it will look ok. I wanted to hang it without the black first to see how it looked. I definitely recommend all mommies doing this at home. It was fun, easy and rewarding.


Wendy Davis said...

I love it! We did the snowflake and have it in our kitchen, for the winter months, since our kitchen is blue. But I'm gonna do the letter!

jq said...

I'm going to have to do this with Noah. I love the idea and we need some new decor for his room since he's graduating to a twin bed and new bedding once this baby comes!