Saturday, January 29, 2011

Great New Book

I went with my friend Wendy this week to a reading conference and learned about some great books that can help develop James' vocabulary. The conference got me all fired up about books (which I'm already a little book crazy to begin with--it's the teacher in me) and so I went on a hunt at Half Price Books the other day (only two hours) and found some good ones. Unfortunately they didn't have any of the titles from the conference, but I seriously searched every shelf in the kid section and bought every book that seemed James worthy.

"Sometimes I Like to Curl Up In A Ball" was in the clearance section and I loved the cute illustrations and sweet little story that it tells. I read it to James this morning and we have done nothing else today except read this book. He loves it. He acts out every page.

My advice to other book lovers like me is to not go and buy every good book you hear about off Amazon because you will spend a fortune, but make a list and keep it in your wallet. When you are out and about at Half Price, or garage sales, or thrift stores take out your list and look there. I did buy 4 books from Amazon that were read at the conference, but the rest of them James isn't ready for or they were expensive so I'm waiting until later. Anyway, the book list in the wallet has helped me save a lot of money on books and so I just thought I'd throw that idea out there to you. Plus there's always the library, but I like to own my books so libraries don't always work for me.

James curled up in a ball

Turning "round and round"

until he falls down!
Standing as still as a tree
Making silly faces

Running as fast as he can!

Curling up like a ball in a cozy place.
There's a few more parts to the story, but you get the idea. Loads of fun!! Plus, there's some good action verbs in this book for developing vocab. You are welcome to borrow this from me if you can't find it. It's a keeper!!

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