Saturday, January 29, 2011

Warm Weather=Park Time

Yay for warm weather! It was so nice to get to take the boys to the park this week and just run and play. It's amazing how much stronger and bigger they are now than just a few months ago when we were here. They were mastering all sorts of new equipment at the park and it was great to watch them be so proud of themselves.
This is James' thinking face. He holds his tongue out (just like my mom) when he's concentrating.
Remi had never been able to do this by himself and now he's an old pro!

The biggest kid there.

This park by our house is so fantastic. It has this huge wooden bridge that takes you over a creek and you can throw rocks in the water, walk a little trail and feel very BIG!
We walked for a long time and the boys got pretty tired. Remi was panting and James finally just laid down on the sidewalk and went "Night Night". Jeremy apparently thought this was hilarious!

Peeking through. From the bridge you can see the highschool and buses were pulling in and out picking up kids and the boys thought the buses were very exciting.
I know you all wish you could spend your days with these cute boys like I do. My life is pretty great. I hope you are enjoying your days as well!

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