Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great Buys

I just had to share some of my new favorite buys cause that's what mommies do for each other. The first picture is of a computer program I bought at Mardel. It's for PC and it works on Windows Vista or XP. It was $5 and it's fabulous. James got hooked on playing computer games a few months ago when someone (sorry can't remember which friend gave me the great idea) told me about games on Well ever since then he's wanted to play on the computer so that's usually what we do when Aiyana is napping and Remi isn't here. Well this game is fantastic. There's a science program, reading program, songs and games and other stuff. I seriously think it would be almost impossible to do every activity this box has to offer. Totally worth the time it takes to load it all on the comp. and WAY worth the $5.

Let me just say here for a moment that if you aren't browsing around Mardel every week to two weeks then you are missing out. It's FABULOUS!!!!
The next thing I have to tell you about is the store "The Christmas Tree Shops". Don't be fooled. This is not a Christmas store. I don't know why they named it that, but it's my new favorite store. It's over by Lakeshore on The Dallas Tollway and Galleria exit. Totally worth the drive. I found these two cute cavases for $4.99 yesterday and hung them in the playroom. I also got a canvas for James' room that is full of all kinds of road signs. I bought a ton of arts and crafts stuff and the highest I paid for those was .89! It was incredible. Not to mention they have seasonal decor which I love, too.
I know it's missing Yand Z, but who cares. They were 5 bucks!

If you ever need a friend to go to either of those stores with you then call me. I'm always up for browsing.

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