Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hide and Seek

Since we have been spending so much time outside lately, I decided to make good use of our afternoon and practice some direction following. I brought out the boys' yellow blocks and hid them all over the yard. They then had to go and find them and bring them back to the laundry basket that was sitting near the porch. As easy as this activity sounds it gave them a lot of practice with listening, following short commands, and staying on task--all hard things for toddlers. I thought ahead of time of some vocabulary and phrases that I was going to use to help them along: go around the tree, bring it back, look up, watch Remi/James, search for it, toss it in, etc. They had so much fun retrieving all the blocks over and over. Although they can't play concentration games for too long, this one probably lasted about 15-20 minutes. So I consider that success.
Are you jealous of our cool tire swing? My brother made that for James for Christmas. They love it!

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