Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Show and Share

So much has been going on lately and I had some things I wanted to share and my camera is on photo OVERLOAD so here are some highlights.
This is not anything fabulous. He's making a card for his Randad, but I love the concentration face. I tell ya, if you get a card from James just know that he put hours of effort in to it. This child does nothing mediocre.
Here he is with his latest puppet. He's been super excited about puppets lately and he likes for his puppets to sing, so I made this one real quick at breakfast the other morning and here he/she is singing Jesus Loves Me. Please ignore my horrible drawing skills. I am super UNtalented in that department, but James doesn't care. . . yet.
I look at so many mommy blogs for ideas and I forgot which one this one came off of. I'm going to start writing down the names of blogs I get ideas from because I hate to not give them credit, but anyway one of the blogs I follow cut out heads and clothes of little people and let her child make paper people. I thought it was so cute so I did that with some scrapbooking paper for James and he loved it.
He carefully selected each head and shirt and pants and then he told me what color the eyes should be and what color the hair should be. I drew the faces, but he made the bodies. Then I had these 3 random people on a piece of paper so I just wrote the lyrics to "Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World" on it and now when we look at this art we sing that song.

I like how the last guy got a hat. A BLUE hat.

This is something off another blog (again sorry for no credit) that has been a huge hit in our house. I used an old vinegar bottle and cut a hole in the back for retrieving the objects. Anyway, the goal is fine motor skills and at first James was using clothes pins to drop through the top, but
that got easy so then I added pom poms, popsicle sticks, magnetic letters and whatever else to spice things up. James has seriously played with this everyday and I thought I was actually making it for Remi and Miss A. Shows how much I know. Anyway, 2 or 3 liter bottles work well, too. James was great at getting things through the top, but had a hard time retrieving them out the back so this was a good practice toy for him.

I had no idea what to label the toy so I just put all their names on it. It looked better than vinegar.

I've loved all the ideas that my friends out there have been posting. You girls ROCK!! Hopefully something on here will give you an idea for something to create at home.

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Wendy Davis said...

OOOO! I love the puppet plate! Gonna try that! And thanks again for the extra paper people. Can't wait to make some people with little Miss!