Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Amarillo Highlights

We've just returned from another great visit to Amarillo and now it's time to de-program the children from being around tons of family. For some reason James thinks he is "King of the Castle" in Amarillo. It might have something to do with being a super cute grandkid that they don't get to see very much, but none-the-less he must be whipped back into shape now that we are home.
He loved, loved, loved hanging out on the trampoline. I must admit I was super nervous at first to see his little body up there, but he enjoyed himself and didn't want to get down. Plus he had many aunts and uncles that would have sacrificed their own bodies before he ever got hurt.
Here's his pretty Aunt Abbi.
She taught him all he needed to know to be a successful jumper.
The boys on the other hand showed him how to do stunts and dunk the ball.
There's Jeremy's "little" brother, Jared, lifting James up for a shot. Yah, he's not so little anymore. Joseph was his constant friend this weekend and lived for any moment to let him use his IPod. So sweet!
Giving hugs
Going "Night Night". This one was a crowd pleaser so he did it A Lot!
We certainly made one Randad very happy. Miss A is a snuggle waiting to happen. She loved on everyone and everyone certainly loved on her. I don't think her feet touched the ground once the whole time we were there. She'll have to have some de-programming herself.
James loved playing on Randad's trailer and watching him ride his motorcycle up and down the street.
He even got a turn to ride.
Randad really likes his new bike. He's so fun!

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