Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yummy Icicles!

I had seen an idea here for an icicle craft and before it snowed thought I'd never be able to do it, but I was wrong. Our roof grew some great icicles yesterday and just as I thought I was out of fun things to do I noticed them out our window. Whew! Saved again!!!

James had never seen an icicle so he was thrilled to get to pluck one off the roof and then double thrilled that he could eat it.

Once we went back inside I asked him if he wanted to make a picture of the icicles and he said, "yes" so that led me to this. We got to practice a few of our shapes, square and triangle, and do the fun craft all at the same time.
You put a large amount of glue in a line and then hold it up and let the icicles start to form. While this is going on you can have great conversations about the snow collecting on the roof and freezing the water. Then continue to tell the whole process of icicles forming.
We got super excited when the first icicle started showing up. James took the house and waved it all around.
Once you get the icicles to look like you want them then you just lay the paper down and sprinkle with salt. We then decorated our house and put our house number on it. James placed the door and windows and then colored a little on the "bricks".
Then it didn't look right without snow on the roof so we put some shredded cotton squares on top (I didn't have balls).
All in all I think it turned out pretty great! Now it hangs in our window and reminds us to tell our story of the icicles. Fun times!!! They've melted today and we were very sad :(

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