Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We started doing "tot trays" this week which is an idea I found here. It's basically a focused activity time that is geared to each child's ability level. It's been a lot of fun planning for these each day and watching the kids do them.
One of the ones I did for James was this "soak the sponge" activity. I gave him a sponge to soak with a condiment container and then he and to wring out his sponge in the blue bowl. We actually did this for two days because he really liked it. The second day I brought out sponges that are in the shape of numbers and had him soak those and then wring them out. My friend gave me the idea to have him squeeze the sponge the amount of times that equals that number--brilliant!!!
Here's what you'll need:

We have also been adding to our farm everyday and today we made some corn. Many of the books we are reading talk about corn a lot. Most of the animals on the farm need corn in their diet and many farmers grow their own corn just to feed their animals. So. . . we had to make corn for our animals.
We just used yellow paint and a paint dobber. It worked perfectly and really looks like corn. I let all the kiddos play with a dried corn cob (out of our squirrel food) in order to give them a visual for them. All 3 kids eat corn, but have never had corn on the cob.
The paint dobber came in our paint brush pack from Hobby Lobby.
Then of course we had to eat corn for lunch. All three kiddos were mooing as they ate corn.
Turned out pretty cute if you ask me.

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Wendy Davis said...

Oh my goodness-how stinkin cute! We are going to start a farm unit next week, so I'm glad you've already started so I can see all your ideas!!! I might need help with a barn, yours looks awesome! I'm glad I saved all those egg cartons--the pigs are so precious!!