Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bucket Head

James has always loved hats, but this is a new one for me. He got a new puzzle toy that came in this bucket and he's been wearing it for a couple of days now. He will try and do everything in this hat and it cracks me up!
Here he is working a puzzle today.
His other thing about this hat is that he wants everyone else to love it like he does. He is constantly trying to put it on our heads and we like it, but after the 10th time it gets a little . . . stuffy.
We also give bucket kisses when anyone wears the hat. It's great! You smash your nose up on the plastic and kiss as long as the person inside is willing to kiss. Here's Miss A getting her kiss from James.
Silly boy! I wish I had a book about an astronaut. I will have to check one out from the library. I keep telling him that's what he looks like, but he has no idea about space yet. Hmmm, I feel a new theme coming on. :)

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