Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dare To Change

I've been thinking lately about how I budget my time and what things I choose to do with free time that I have. For me personally I don't waste a whole lot of time, but I do waste some. I've found myself wanting to have more time for things that I not only enjoy, but for things that are positive for me and my family: Bible reading, yard work, cleaning, reading, Jeremy one on one time, and "lesson" planning. I cannot invent more time in my day, so I have chosen to evaluate my week and see where more time can be found. After making a list of what I do and how much time I spend on each thing. I've realized that there is something in my life that is using a lot of my time and isn't really shaping me to be a better mom, wife, friend, disciple. Television. When I look at how much tv I watch it doesn't look like very much, but it adds up quickly. Here is the rundown of tv hours that I watch:

  • Monday-no tv

  • Tuesday-2hours of Biggest Loser and 1 hour of Parenthood

  • Wednesday-1/2 hour of Modern Family, 1/2 hour of Better With You

  • Thursday-no tv

  • Friday-1 hour of What Would You Do

  • Saturday-no tv

  • Sunday- 1 hour of Desperate Housewives, 1 hour of Brothers and Sisters

What does this mean? It first means that nothing that I watch is wholesome or beneficial or changing me for the better. In fact, a lot of it is just crap. It secondly means that I spend 7 hours (at the least because some nights I will watch an episode of Seinfeld and sometimes I watch tv during the kids nap time) watching tv a week. That's a lot of time I could get back in my life. What could I do with 7 free hours? I could spend more 1 on 1 with Jeremy. I could read my Bible and learn TRUTH. I could pull weeds and water my lawn (which makes me happy), I could research ways to teach my children, I could have people over and build meaningful relationships. . . the list could go on and on.

What's the plan? The plan is to drop tv cold turkey. I don't need it and it has become something in my life that I plan my day around and that I feel entitled to. It's easy for me to say that in the grand scheme of life I really don't watch much tv, but 7 hours of more productive time could make a huge impact in my life and in my household. So it's gotta go. From now until the end of April I no longer watch tv. I'll let you know if it impacts my life like I think it will. I have a sneaky suspicion that it won't hurt.

Is there anything in your life that you feel entitled to that isn't really helping you or anyone else in your life? I dare you to cut it out. See what happens when you find more time in your day. See what happens when you do something for someone else during your free time. Let me know if you take the dare and we can help each other out during this next month :)


S. Kyle Davis said...

I feel ya! We really need to cut out tv too--that's how we unwind after the kids are in bed-by watching mindless tv. And we watch a lot more than you. I keep going back and forth on whether or not to cancel, but I'm just not ready! I'll be interested to see how it works for you. Maybe it'll encourage us to finally cut it out.

S. Kyle Davis said...

Oh by the way that was Wendy, not Kyle--I forgot he was still signed on. Opps!