Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Farm Update

We started making our cow yesterday and it was fun to create. You start with drizzling a little black paint on some white paper and then let your little one fold the paper in half and squish it all around.
When it opens you have the spotted cow face :)
Make an oval, add some nostrils and some cute ears and you have an adorable cow. Moo!
Also our lima bean did some growing over the weekend so we are putting it in dirt today. Can't wait for them to see the plant start to poke out of the dirt. If you are wanting to plant seeds try the garbonzo seed. You can buy them dry at the store and they grow a really neat plant. Happy Farming!!

(The lima beans were planted in plastic sandwich bags. Wet a papertowel and put it in there with them. Hang it in a sunny window. After about 5 days it will show a good root and you can plant it in dirt or continue to let it grow in the bag. )

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