Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making Carrots

This was a fun craft because it had several parts to it that made it interesting. We've been adding to our farm a little more and thanks to my smart friend Wendy I discovered that we needed some more veggies. Carrots seemed perfect because horses love them, rabbits love them and we are about to plant them in our strawbales. So I got out three toilet paper rolls and had the kiddos paint them orange. While each kid was painting, the others were nibbling on real carrots. I gave my 3 big carrots because I wanted them to see how they looked straight from the ground. They thought this was the grandest snack I had ever pulled out of the fridge. Miss A went straight for the top (you know, the part you cut off and throw away because it's yucky). The others left several cute teeth prints (can teeth have prints?) all over their's.
Remi painting :)
Once we were done and our carrots were drying then I gave them baby carrots and ranch to snack on. Yummy!
We slapped on some leaves at the top and added them to our farm. Too cute! Notice our chickens at the top. I forgot that I didn't do a post on them. Aren't they cute?

Love the way the toilet paper rolls kept the carrots curved and the glue lines add effect!

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