Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Mall Morning

I've told ya'll my secret before and I'll only mention it again because it's so great, but if you have early risers like me then you need to do a mall morning. Malls generally open really early for walkers to come and exercise and the one that we like to play at is always empty around 8 or 8:30. We made another mall morning this Saturday and had the WHOLE play area to ourselves. It's so nice. We roll around on the floor, throw our shoes and stuff everwhere and act like we own the place. It's great!
I hate not being able to post cute pictures of Miss A's face, but I gotta follow the rules. I want so badly for ya'll to see how adorable she is--However most people that follow this blog see her on a regular basis so you know she's a cutie. Anyway, here she is in her cute little outfit exploring the play area.

Here's James pointing to the car he wants to drive next. He loves those things and I love that he doesn't know they take money :)

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