Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sickies

The Sickies visited our house this week and it has not been fun. Everyone, including poor little Remi, has been sick. We've done a WHOLE lot of this. . .
Got Dr's orders to start doing a WHOLE lot of this. . .
And thankfully after about 5 long days have started doing a little of this. . . smiling.

There's nothing worse than seeing your kid suffer. James is notorious for getting a small illness and making it large. This cold started last Thursday with Miss A and has traveled through our house destroying all in its path. James ended up with two ear infections and is back on his breathing machine for a month. He still has respiratory problems any time he gets a cold.
I'm praising the Lord tonight that he is pretty much back to his normal self. Remi is still recovering but he'll hopefully be back on Friday.

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