Friday, March 25, 2011


How have ya'll been doing on sensory tubs? If you haven't started them with your kids or if you haven't done one in a while I highly suggest you put one together. They are super easy and the kiddos love them.
Our pinto bean tub has never gotten boring. Here's some things we've done with our tub:
1. Hide things under the beans and just let kids find them
2. Put our plastic pigs in there and let them roll in the "mud"
3. Pick up beans with different utensils: spoons, tongs, spatulas, whisk, forks, etc.
4. Counted out beans and put them in icetrays

This particular day James was using a spoon to transfer beans to a cup. Perfect practice for fine and gross motor skills. It takes a lot of patience and manuevering to get those beans in the cup. Then he could take the cup and dump it back into the tub (or all over the floor) and start over again. He loves it.
Spoons are also great to use if your child has sensory overload from this tub. I have one kid that doesn't like to play in sensory tubs, but he/she will play if there is a spoon.

Of course with little hands there's always the one that only wants to eat the beans. That's Miss A.

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