Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tubs This Week

We had some fun tubs this week. James is still obsessed with letters and his name so he got lots of letter games. I made this match game for him and he loved it. I now have it out where he can do it whenever he wants.
This paper was a little small so I had to rewrite his name on a bigger sheet of paper, but you get the idea from the pictures of how to do this yourself at least.
I also had the letters in a tub and he had to reach in and get them and put them back when he was done. Good practice for future sorting activities and for cleaning up.
The other fun tub we had was our little plastic barn and farm animals. I put out some felt and a bowl that James colored blue to represent different places on the farm. James was the farmer and he had to take the animals out of the barn and place them where they would like to go. Either in the grass (green felt), the corn (yellow felt) or the pond (blue bowl). He loved this. We've been learning about what the animals like to eat so he was pretty good at sorting corn and grass and he loved being able to take the animals to get water and to put the ducks in the pond. By the 3rd time he played this game he thought all the animals needed to be in the pond. They must all love water just like him.
Miss A had some letters in a tub that she could pull out and put back in. She's just working on looking at letters and hearing their names and she's working on "in and out" with objects so she loved this. She also got the gear toy as her tub this week (You've probably seen it, it just has lots of gears that spin around and you can take them off and put them back on and it plays music and spins when you push the button). She hasn't figured out how to push the button on her own, but it will randomly get pushed and she is delighted!

Here's what they all looked like one morning while they were working. Aren't they cute? It doesn't always work out that they do their tubs together, but it's cute when it does. On this day James and Remi had the same tub activity so it was easy to get them to work and then talk to Miss A.
I saw this activity here and thought it looked like fun. So I had both boys do this one day. It turned out cute and they had a great time. I loved watching them both do the same activity but do it so differently. James picked out all the big triangles and Remi was picking out circles. It was great!
Here's James' finished piece. We sent Remi's home with his family so I don't have a pic of it. Pretty cute huh? It was great for color talk with Remi and shape talk with James. We'll be doing this again.

What fun things are you doing at home? I'd love more ideas if you have any that worked well for you. We also played with baskets of easter eggs. They are great for fine motor. I hid little chickies inside for my kiddos. I found the cutest chicks at the Christmas Tree Shops store. They were 12 for a $1.

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