Sunday, March 6, 2011

Walkin' To Mammy's

When James does something that he knows is "big" he gets this strut. Well, he strutted himself to Mammy's the other day, knocked on the door and went right in like he owns the place. It was so cute to watch him be so big. (My mom lives right next door so the walk is not that far)

Miss A and I followed him over there and he pushed her around on this car for many a mile. She can take his speed and amateur driving. When it slips off the sidewalk and tumps over-- she doesn't care. When he pushes it into the side of the flowerbed and she comes to a screeching hault--she doesn't care. She loves adventure and being pushed by her friend James is certainly an adventure in her eyes.

I'm happy to have entertainment and my mom right next door.

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