Monday, April 25, 2011

Batting Practice

These pics are actually from a while ago, but I wanted to post them any way because it reminds me of a fun day we had at our house. James became interested in the bat Remi got him for his birthday and so Daddy showed him how to play baseball. We set up one base for him to run around (James pace of course) and I was the catcher. It was so much fun teaching him this new sport and he really liked it.

He would run as fast as he could to go and get the ball and he never quite grasped the concept of running around the base and forgetting about the ball. It was so funny. After he would bat then Daddy would have to bat, then Mommy would have to bat. It's so cute how he creates his rules and sticks with them throughout the whole game.

Who knows, maybe he'll want to play t-ball some day. I may be the blubbering idiot mom cheering from the stands for every little thing my kid does, but oh well I can't help thinking he's the greatest thing ever!

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