Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Party

Can't believe James is two, but then again I really can because we have had lots of fun filled days together and I could not have imagined the last two years any differently. I loved being able to celebrate he and Nana on the same day. She really seems like a part of our family and I hope that she can stay forever--but enough on that. Our farm birthday party really started in February. We've been studying farm and plants for a few months and I could not imagine a different theme for my outside loving boy and my animal loving girl. All the ideas from the party were found off other people's blogs or just by googling things.
Nana was the present queen. She loved opening her presents and looking at what was inside. She was one happy camper yesterday with all her friends and "family" around her.
James' Mammy spoiled him with turtle stuff and he loved his turtle lap desk (which he thinks is a pillow). So cute the way this kid gets hobbies and likes already.
He loves getting and reading mail so I think what he liked best of all was getting cards from people.
More card reading. And he's still been reading them after the party.
He kept coming back to lay on his "pillow".
Nana and her favorite person, Mammy. She loves my mom and likes to pull on her jewelry. She always begs my mom to hold her any time my mom is around.
This is James' big friend, Andrew. Andrew seems to really like James and I'm so happy that James has a sweet big boy to look up to. This kid could not be any sweeter, more courteous, or more gentle with James. This lawn mower was also James' favorite present of the night. Of course over time he will get to love and enjoy all his presents, but for right now he is obsessed with mowing.
We had a little table set up where you roll a pig in the mud (color it in brown marker), wash it off (with baby soap, water and a sponge) and then dry it in a towel. This seemed to be a hit with the kiddos, but especially Isaac. He washed those pigs a million times.
We sure do love our group of friends. I couldn't be happier with the people that have come into our lives this year.
Papa Maxey was the bubble man. He kept filling up James' lawn mower and blowing bubbles for the kids.
This is Luke and Sarah. The are ALWAYS on the move. Sarah is Jeremy's favorite kid in all of the world. Their mom, Kristin, has been such an inspiration for me in regards to child rearing and foster care. Love the Mathis family!!
Andrew and Nana
Here's our little garden. The kiddos loved planting flowers and veggies in this. I'm glad to know someone might be interested in my gardening hobby.
James was showing his Gdad the ducks. We don't usually keep them locked up, but we were afraid they would get stepped on by all the kids and we didn't want them pooping on the porch during the party so they were for eyes only tonight.
Blessed beyond words with my kiddos, friends and family. I didn't get to post all 211 photos from the party, but many more friends were there and James and Nana were blessed by everyone. Thanks to our friends and family for sharing in our day and thanks for investing time in our kids and in us.


jq said...

Such a fun party! I have loved reading about your farm theme unit, too. You always have such good ideas. I meant to comment on your comment on mine, but lost track of time over the week and forgot, but I'm doing good. I'm definitely starting to feel a lot bigger pregnancy-wise, but can't complain too much. I'm pretty exhausted from taking care of the hubby and noah, but we're making it work and getting through it together. Thanks for thinking of us.

The Rowles said...

Yay! So glad we could be a part of their special day!