Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bottle Play Time

Nana is still fascinated by all things "in and out". I gave her this used lemonade container today and she played and played and played. I had 4 magnetic letters inside that at first she couldn't figure out how to get out. The opening is pretty small. She could get her hand inside, but she wasn't aware of that for a while.
She tipped and turned and dumped and dropped for half the day today. She is also so thrilled to show you the letters when they come out. It's so fun to watch kids concentrate on new things. She soon found out that yelling into the cup created quite the noise and she was into the yelling. For those of you that know Nana you know that she is loud! Well, this muffled her sound a little, but it was super loud and so super fun.
Once she figured out how to dump the letters and then put them back in she was in heaven. I'm telling you it takes very little to please these kids. Fun is around every corner.
I thoroughly enjoy watching her learn new things. So blessed to get to have this time with her.

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