Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Butterfly Observing

I've started doing a little journaling/recording with the boys and I love it so far. They love to have their own books to look at and so I decided to make one for our butterflies that we are raising. (If you are interested in raising butterflies I highly recommend it. Go to ) Anyway, every few days we sit and talk about what our butterflies, now caterpillars, are doing. Here is the first day of observations that the boys did.
You can't really see the drawing James did, it basically looks like scribbles, but he picked the color of the caterpillars and drew them at the top. Then I sat and listened to him say what they were doing and wrote down what he said.

Remi's not quite able to say all that he can see yet, but he said a few things and so I put his in sentences for him at the bottom of the paper. He picked black for the color of the caterpillars, which is true, and did dots all over the page. He kept looking at them and then dotting. It was so great!

Anyway, they are young, but they sure enjoyed having their observations written down. It gives purpose to observing and they love having their own butterfly book.

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