Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cute Photos From Our Week

Our neighbors have some pretty bluebonnets in their yard so we stopped during our walk and took some pics of Nana. Of course you can't see the pretty ones with her sparkling eyes, but this one's cute none-the-less. James got a new shelf in his fort this week. He loves to take cars up to the fort and race them down the slide so I got him this organizer so he can keep his toys up there. He loved taking the baskets on and off and putting his cars in each one. Oh the simple things. . .
Thanks to my super smart friend, Wendy, I made a pretend garden for the boys. I used my mom's big garden wagon and covered it in a tarp. Then filled it with dirt from a local area being built on (thanks to my strong husband Jeremy for stealing dirt for me) and put artificial flowers in it and plastic veggies. I put their small garden toys in the basket and they can dig, plant, bury, unplant, etc. Plus they get to stand on a stool to reach it and that's just fun!
Busy little farmers. Notice my super cute birdhouse now hanging on the fence. Maxey made that for me a few years ago and now I can finally use it! Yay for new life growing in all parts of our yard.

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Monica Garcia said...

Good idea about the Word Wall on the fridge. I'll have to do one too! :)