Saturday, April 16, 2011

He's Two

James Jeremiah is two years old now. It seems so crazy to me that I've had two years with my son. The picture below was taken on the first day that I took care of James by myself. He's about 5 days old in this picture. I remember how thrilling it was to comb his hair, stare at his face, and watch his every move. I was so happy to have him all to myself. I waited and waited and waited those nine months to see what he would look like and he was perfect. I can picture myself in this moment and what I was thinking. I actually took this photo and sent it to Jeremy's phone to show how I had styled his hair. Jeremy styled it in a mohawk and I was so glad to get to comb it the way I wanted to. Isn't he darling. I've never been more proud to be anything like I am to be a mom. In this picture he's one. At one he was so gentle and friendly and shy. His smile was the happiest looking thing I had ever seen. He would play and play and play all day, but I knew deep inside he was just passing the time until Daddy came home. We lived in the apartment at this time and it was such a happy year just getting to be together. I'll always remember my baby becoming a toddler in that place.
Here he is at two. At two he's still friendly, still shy, and still gentle (most of the time). He's
active all the time, but still moves at his own slow pace. He does everything in a serious focused way. He doesn't flit from one thing to another (like his mom), he concentrates on whatever it is that he is doing. I love watching him try and master something. He wants to understand all his toys, he wants to memorize all his books, he wants to repeat things over and over to make sure he locks it in his brilliant little brain. He's soooo smart, soooo fun, and sooooo perfect in every way. I'm so glad he's two. I was so glad when he was four days old. I was so glad when he was one. But now I'm so glad he's two. I love him!

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