Monday, April 25, 2011

Lady Bugs

We've released our lady bugs and now they can continue to give us joy as we watch them work in our garden and get rid of the pests that are eating our veggies. We bought a container of lady bugs at a local garden store (Calloways) and watched them for 2 days and then let them go in our straw bales.
James kept checking on them through out the day and loved watching them explore the plants. He got pretty good at picking them up and letting them crawl on his arms. One got on his face and he wasn't thrilled with that.

He also got to see some of them fly which was great because in the lady bug book we have it talks about their wings so he got to see some fly away. I love first hand looks at nature. Unfortunately he learned that they like to crawl on sticks and so he began "asking" them to get on his stick. This caused a few lady bugs to be squished, but he was trying to be gentle :)

The lighting in this one is weird, but I just think it's so cute to watch him learn about the world around him. Oh and can you see our tomatoe plant in the right corner. It's huge!!! All the hail storms have been good for it.

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