Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Learnings This Week

Since Miss Nana Girl is a little dare devil we've been setting up obstacle courses for her this week. She loves to climb and fall and wrestle so a pile of pillows is just perfect for her. And her helper is never too far from her side
James' ability to learn words is astounding me. He picked up his letters super fast and is now obsessed with words. So I started him a little word wall on the fridge. It began with labels from some of his favorite cereals and crackers and he would just put magnetic letters over the titles, but now I've changed it to words that are meaningful to him. Plus the others kids like to find their names and play with the letters so it's a win win.
I still have my collections hanging on the freezer door. I keep all milk tops and fun snap or turn tops for different activities that we do. Milk tops are great for alphabet pieces or number pieces and the snap or turn tops are great for fine motor skills.
Nana's still doing tubs that require her to do an action (take out) with a command. She's learning so many new words and talks a lot more than the boys ever did at this age. I guess because she's a girl (girls talk a lot) and she's a bossy girl (she's gotta learn words so she can get to bossing these boys around) and because she has older kiddos to model language for her. It's amazing to see her already communicating. She says: eat, more, bite, no no no, da da, momma, bye, hi. She's so smart!
Using the animals helped us practice many skills: putting in and out, animal sounds, animal names
The boys have done lots of free drawing and gardening this week. They get on kicks of wanting to color and dot paint and use markers and that's how it's been this week.

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