Sunday, April 17, 2011

My "NO TV" Pledge

So many people have called, emailed, or flat out asked me about my "no tv" pledge that I gave at the end of March. I love that people have been curious about me and how I'm doing with it so I thought I'd give an update seeing as how we are halfway through the month. First of all, let me say that for me it was tv that was holding me back, but I don't believe tv holds everyone back. I think lots of different things hold us back and so I want to challenge my friends and family to figure out what in their lives is keeping them from being the best they can be and try giving it up if only for a while. When tv first disappeared from my life I was kinda nervous. I was following some shows that I really loved and didn't want to miss out on. I was also nervous that I would feel tired if I didn't get my "down time". Remember I had gotten to the point where I felt entitled to tv time and I felt like I had to have it or else I would be deprived of something. It was in the 2nd week of no tv that I finally had a day where I wanted to break my pledge. I had had a really hard day. The moment I put the kids to bed (Jeremy had class that night) I wanted so badly to go relax and watch tv and just veg. I ended up crying for a few minutes because I wanted it so badly, but decided to do something else since I had promised to give up tv. That sadness led me to choosing a new book to read (Anne of Green Gables) and it has blessed me every day since. I've noticed during this month that the lack of tv has not made my "to-do" list get smaller. I felt like I had some things on my to do list that needed to be done and that giving up tv would help. It did help--those things, but now that I have extra time on my hands I have a mile long "to do" list. It's amazing once you start being productive how many good things you can see that could be getting done that never even dawned on you before. I know ya'll don't want to read pages and pages of my no tv success, but let me just tell you this. Giving up tv has been a blessing. A blessing that I'm not sure at the end of April I want to loose. I have been happier, healthier, more productive, and had more energy since I gave up tv and remember it was only 7 hours a week. There's a lot that hasn't changed that I thought would, but there's a lot that has changed and I'm so glad. I'm praying for you courage to eliminate something out of your life that is simply filling time and replace it with other things that can bless you, your family, and your friends. I would like the idea of "ME TIME" to go away with stay at home moms, husbands, and people in general. Since when are we suppose to live for ourselves?

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