Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Goodness

I found some random goodness on my phone today and wanted to share some of it. Nana has become OBSESSED with books. James did this exact thing when he was about this age. We keep finding her in rooms by herself reading books. She babbles and turn pages and "reads" to herself. I love spying on her while she's reading.

We found a great new park (thanks to my friend, Kristin). It has a giant sand box with sand toys and this great see-saw. All the kiddos can fit on it and it's wonderful. They loved riding it and I'm so glad I snapped this picture because it is priceless!

The park also has this huge wooded area for hiking and exploring. The boys loved it and I know we will go back again and again.

James got some new tongs this week and they are so easy to manipluate and he loves transferring things with them. For anyone who is wanting some they were from Dollar Tree. They come as a four pack and they are great and pretty durible. We haven't broken them yet!

During this afternoon's thunderstorm, Jeremy ran out and got the boys some hail to eat. They didn't totally understand at first, but as the storm continued they kinda figured out that it was indeed coming from the sky.

I tried so hard to capture a picture of James and Remi giving each other kisses, but all of them were blurry. They are such good friends and I love that they have each other. I love Remi's expression in this picture even if it is blurry. Sweet boys!

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jq said...

We finally picked a name--Peter--I don't know when I'll post it on my blog, since the hubby prefers not to put 1st names, but I thought I'd let you know. N. always calls him baby Peter--it's so cute! Middle name is still up for debate, but we have it narrowed down to a few!