Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Goodness

These are just more random photos that I'd like to post, but they don't really go together. The first one is of Nana looking at a beetle that was crawling across the playroom floor. She was fascinated with it. The magnifying glass we got at Dollar Tree has a tube where you can put insects in and look at them closely. Well, James lost the lid so our tube is open. Each time Nana looked at the beetle she would hold it high above her head and end up dumping it out in her lap. It was hilarious!
Nana is a Mammy's girl. She will crawl from anywhere in the house when my mom comes over and beg to be picked up. This is her one morning after she insisted on Mammy holding her. So sweet!

James has recently begun emptying out all the baskets in the playroom and it's super annoying at times, but I know it will pass. This basket in particular is one that he empties and then wants to play in. He hauls it to wherever he wants to play and then gets inside to play with the toy. So funny!

This is a Melissa and Doug puzzle set that every parent MUST own. It's so wonderful. It comes in a box with 10 puzzles (5 front and back) and the pictures in the puzzles are made up with shapes. You have to put the right shape in to create the full picture. James is a master at these and he loves, loves, loves, playing with it.

I had to take this picture because it captures the mess he has been making lately. He dumps out all the buckets and then plays in the middle of them. Silly kid.

And this one was just too cute not to post. Nana is his little side kick and where he is--she is.

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