Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Art This Week

Before I share our art this week I have to tell you about my good find. I ventured out to IKEA on Memorial Day and found what I had been looking for since I left my classroom in 2009. They had cardboard magazine holders priced 5 for a $1.99. I had plastic ones in my classroom and that's how I sorted and organized all my books that I wasn't using. I've been wanting them here at home, but wasn't willing to pay $5 each. I'm so happy and I've already started labeling and getting books put in them. I think I bought 5 packages and will definitely be needing more.
This is our shelf in the playroom where we put our books that we check out from the library. It's a safety precaution because the Nana Bear eats books. Anyway we hung up our ladybug counting sheets on our shelf. The boys worked together to put stickers on the spots.

Here's James' footprint butterfly. The eyes popped off, but it's still cute. Elmers glue just doesn't hold on wiggly eyes. I always have to hot glue them on.

Here's Nana getting ready to do her cup print caterpillar.

James could do his independently. I loved these little critters.

Isn't it adorable. I meant to number the circles with them watching, but too much time passed so I just hung it up.

We've been doing a lot of caterpillar stuff, but there's so many cute ideas. I meant to do this activity with our ant stuff, but I forgot and went ahead and made caterpillars. Oh well, we may repeat it with ants. They loved painting with Q-tips.

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