Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Discovery Toy of the Week

Do not let the name fool you, this toy is more than Playful Bath Shapes. This toy rocks! Just ask any of my kiddos and all their friends and you will hear how much this toy is loved. These little shapes have suction cups on the back that make them able to stick to windows, floors, table tops, bathtubs (the bottom, too) just about anywhere. They fit in a little mesh bag and can be carried to restaurants, doctor's offices, in the car (because they stick to the car window), etc. They are the perfect accessory to any mommy bag. I love them.
They fit together to make all kinds of pictures like houses, stop signs, trees, etc. Also my good friend, Kristin, showed me that you can practice fine motor skills if you flip them over because you can place marbles on the suction cups. You can use tongs or just your hands to balance marbles on them. Brilliant! These are a must have and they catalog picture doesn't do them justice. I have them at my house if you want to see them upclose. Super fun! $22.50 You can check them out here.

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