Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekly Learnings

Our garden is starting to look so precious. I love the handprint flowers we made this week. I love Nana's short, stumpy pink hand and James' big baseball mit purple hand. They're so cute!
We also made this cute little paper with our memory verse on it. I've decided to do a memory verse for each theme now instead of one every week because we weren't able to learn one each week, but I think given several months they can learn one for each theme. So for our garden/outdoor theme we will do Psalm 145:17 The Lord is perfect in all His ways and loving towards all He has made.

I also made James this file folder game because he's needing practice with his lower case letters. If you are interested in making a file folder game with these cute envelopes (bought at Mardel) then I suggest you laminate them first. Then if you'll take a sharp pair of scissors and slice around the envelopes opening it will open right up and your envelopes will be much sturdier. I also used stickers on my popsicle sticks and envelops so that I can scratch them off when we're done and not waste anything.

These cute erasers were at "The Christmas Tree Shops" (my favorite store of all time) and so I just put them together for a sorting activity. James likes using these metal cupcake dishes for sorting, but any bowl or premade area will work.

We also did fly swatter painting outside this week. It was so fun and I've been holding on to this idea for a while so I'm so glad that we got to do it this week. The boys loved it and it turned out really cute. We put a couple of fly stickers on our paper and hung them up in the playroom.

Also the big event this weekend has been that all four of our butterflies emerged. They are so beautiful and it was absolutely amazing watching them go through their life cycle. They live as butterflies for 4 weeks so we will probably keep them for 2 and then release them in the backyard. They eat a sugar water mixture or orange slices and watermelon.

This insect unit has been so much fun! We will continue this one for a while still. Happy learning!!!

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