Friday, June 24, 2011

First Trip to the Ice Cream Store

There are some things that you just really look forward to as a parent and for some reason Jeremy and I have just always been excited to take James to get icecream. Well, recently he has fallen in love with ice cream and so we knew it was time to head to Braums.

We talked about it all day and planned amongest ourselves what flavors we were going to get and if we were going to get a cup or a cone or both and we were so happy to finally arrive and pick our flavors. We had intended on getting a double scoop cone (cheaper than getting 4 single scoops) and then flopping the kids' icecream into cups once we got to the table, but James loved licking off Jeremy's cone.
This is the only picture we got of the Nana Bear because our sweet little bear cub morphed into a Grizzly Bear once we got our icecream. She was too impatient to wait until we got to the table to eat it and by the time I actually got it into a cup she had totally lost her mind and was madder than mad. So Jeremy ended up having to walk around with her outside because she could not get herself together. Hoo Hmmm. That's how things work out sometimes. But she loved her icecream and I'm so glad because I got her mint chocolate chip and it's my favorite, too.

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