Friday, June 17, 2011

Flip Flop Faces

Flip Flop Faces is a new toy that we have and it has brought us so much joy this week. Yes, it's a Discovery Toy, but if you are tired of hearing me talk about DT then just assume it's just a new toy. Anyway, it has many uses, but the one this blog post is about is letter/color sorting.

We set it up as a relay. The boys would come choose a foam letter out of the bucket. They would then tell me the letter's name or what word they know that's associated with that letter. For instance, Remi doesn't call the letter "D" by it's name, he says, "D like daddy". Anyway, this was fun for everyone. You can always just use colored bowls for this game.
Once they got it in the right bowl they would shout, "Yay!" and run back to the couch.

This is super blurry, but aren't they having fun. Love these two boys!

Yay, Remi!

Close up of the bowls.

And clean up was super easy because we just dumped the bowls. Brilliant!!!

Flip Flop Faces is a toy that has many levels of learning built in to it. It comes with 6 colored bowls with emotion faces on them and 6 matching colored and labeled bean bags. You can use the bowls for sorting, throwing the bean bags, making the emotion face, telling emotion stories (which James did and I about died) and countless other activities. I love, love, love it!!! Here's it's link if you want it for yourself.
When we were telling emotion stories, I would flip over a bowl and make the face and say, "I fell sad when, Nana hits her head on the kitchen table". So after doing lots and lots of these stories James flipped over the happy bowl and said, "Me feel happy when. . . momma comes home". Melted me heart! I'm not sure where I've been because it's usually daddy that comes home to us everyday, but still is that not so sweet.

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