Sunday, June 26, 2011

Games and Learnings

These pics are in no particular order. Just some of the games and things we have played this week. If you don't have this shape ball at your house, you need one. It's from Wal-Mart and of all the shape toys I've owned this is my favorite. Jeremy's parents actually gave it to James for Christmas two years ago and I thought, "This is way too hard for a baby!" But it's not. I love, love, love this toy and he still plays with it even now that he's two.

Nana is just learning how to get all the shapes in their place and she rocks at it.
A little free draw/dot paint.

Remi is an artist. He spends hours on his colorings and works very seriously at any art project. I love to watch him finally determine that he's done. It's a masterpiece!

This is our "Giant Pegboard" it's a Discovery Toys toy and one of my favs. It has so many uses and on the back it's a geoboard (you make shapes with rubber bands). We were doing some patterning and color practice with it today.

Love my egg trays from Dollar Tree. They are perfect for sorting. Today Remi was practicing transferring objects with tongs.

James was using plastic ice cubes with his tongs. Love them, too.

We've been doing a lot of matching games lately and the boys are so good at it. This one is just a deck of picture cards that you could play "Go Fish" with. We just matched up the pictures.

This one is the real "Memory" game. At first I just let them match pictures.

Then I got three cards, reviewed the pics, and flipped them over to see if they could recall where each pic was. This is practice for recalling stories and remembering what's missing. Great math and reading practice skills. Then we played the real game of memory. I only set out 9 cards at a time, but they did great. I was amazed what James could remember and how he waited for his turn. I'm so excited to start Family Game Night at our house. I think we're ready!
This is a letter game that I make every now and then. It's just a matching relay and can be made very quickly with paper bags and index cards (or in our case cut up construction paper). The boys had to match their letter card with the letter bag on the fireplace. It's a little running, little letter recognition, little good sportmanship, littel coordination practice all in one. Love it!

All these letters were unknown to Remi today and he did fabulous. We've since played it out 3 or 4 more times and he's about got all four new letters learned. Yay! 4 new letters in one week just from one game. Can't beat that. Of course we play other games with letters and so the learning just keeps increasing.

Hope you had fun teaching and learning with your kids this week. Please don't miss opportunities to learn this summer. A lot of learning can occur in just a few minutes of play.

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Monica Garcia said...

You're Amazing! Love the letter game and can't wait to try it!