Thursday, June 9, 2011

Join Me in Giving to Kirill

Kirill is home and I've never been more excited to see a child smile in my life. I don't know why I am drawn to this family so strongly, but I am so excited to see this real life miracle join his new family.

If you don't know about Kirill (now Gregory Kirill) and his family then let me give you a little background information. Kirill is 5 and he has lived his whole life in an Russian orphanage. His family found him at least 2 years ago and has been fighting to bring him home ever since. About a month or two ago they went to pick him up and at their court hearing the judge said that because of Kirill's Down's Syndrome he was not socially adoptable.

You can imagine how heart breaking this was to his parents who loved him no matter what syndrome he was diagnosed with. Anyway, after God literally moved mountains and worked his Mighty Hand, Kirill was brought home today to join his new American family. Here is their blog and it is a MUST READ! You will fall in love with all four of them instantly.

Anyway, here's where helping them comes in. Since I am now a "toy lady" I decided that I would love to send them a giant care package for both Kirill and his new 5 year old brother. Yes, their real birthdays are just days apart. Can you imagine how perfect this is for the two of them? :) I would love to hook both of them up with some new toys and I thought using my discount with Discovery Toys would be the perfect solution. I will pay all the shipping and tax and buy every toy with my 20% discount if you guys will just pick one or two out to send them. I've already pre-selected which toys would fit their lifestyle and age group and which toys are actually available right now in the distribution center. So what do you say? Would you PLEASE help me spoil these kids?

If you are interested here are the toys that I think would be perfect for these two boys. Tell me which one you would like to buy and how you would like to pay for it. You can give me cash, make a check out to Maile Srader, or if you want to pay with a credit card I can call you or email you. I would like to send this order out on Wednesday of next week so let me know ASAP!

Click here to see my website if you want to see a picture of the toys. Use the search box at the top to find it quickly. (Prices are what you will actually pay. My discount has already been applied and I'll pay shipping and tax)

Super Yummy Teether-$8 (Kirill only) Thanks Jaime!

Motorworks=$26 (A must have for Clayton)

Place and Trace Puzzles=$14 (both boys)Thanks Wendy!

Peek A Boo Cube=$15 (Kirill)
Geo Cubes=$18 (Kirill)
Try-Angle=$24 (Kirill)

Working Trio=$16 (both boys)

Castle Marble Works=$32 (mostly Kirill, but Clayton will love it, too)

Big Tangiball=$12 (both boys, but a must for special needs kiddos) Thanks Adawndria!

Playful Bath Shapes=$18 (both boys)

Flip Flop Faces=$20 (both boys) Thanks Adawndria!

Monkey See Monkey do=$18 (Kirill)

As a toy gets purchased I will put out beside it that someone bought that one. If you would like to just donate a few bucks then I can put all that is donated together and buy toys at the end. Thanks ya'll. I knew I could count on my kid loving friends to help a family out.

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Wendy Davis said...

We'll do the place and trace puzzles! I love this little boy, I'm so excited he has found his family! And you are so sweet to do this for them!