Sunday, June 12, 2011

Look What I Won!!

The great thing about working for a toy company is that when they want to reward you or when they want to give you something, it's a toy! I won a drawing last week for the Discovery Toys Playhouse and I'm so glad that I did. It has been so much fun and I know it will be fun for years to come.

Here's the kiddos "helping" Daddy put it together.

I had no idea what to expect because I had never seen anything but the catalog picture of this playhouse. In fact, I thought it was cardboard. I was so surprised when I saw what it was really like. It's fantastic!

Our living room was really bright at this time of day so the pics are bad, but look at it. Doesn't that look fun? On one side it's a school house with a door.

The roof is mess so you can see through :)
Then there is a restaurant side with a window that you can lean out and take people's orders from or deliver their food. So fun!

Then one side is a pet hospital with a window for "checking in" and a big door for delivering your injured pet.

I didn't get a picture of the back, but it's a puppet stage. The two windows open up and can become a stage for a puppets. We've already used our puppet stage and it was loads of fun. Yay for winning!

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Kristy Dixon, Parent Coach said...

OMG! That is awesome! LUCKY!!