Sunday, June 26, 2011

My New Best Friend

This is my new best friend. Her name is Steamy and she loves making my floors clean. I've been wanting a steam mop for a while now. Our tile is not smooth and so little bits of dirt get stuck in the cracks and I feel like the floor is never clean no matter how much I mop. Well the one I wanted was $150 and I just couldn't justify spending that to have clean floors.

Steamy went on sale this week at Target for $50. She's not the best of the best as far as steam mops go, but she did a dang good job on my floors today. I mopped before using my regular mop and then I used her just to see if spending $50 was worth it. And this is what I got after mopping with her.

The rag was not totally disgusting so it makes me happy that the floors weren't as bad as I felt they were, but the dirt came right out of the cracks and the tile looks a lot nicer. It doesn't shine like it does if I use Pine Sol, but it's clean and I'm happy. I still might put some Pine Sol on every now and then just because it looks so pretty, but my days of cleaning with my old mop are over!

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