Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nana Cracks Me Up

We've known since the day they brought Nana to our house that she was a stubborn child. I firmly believe this is a good quality in her and one that she will use for God's glory later in life, but for right now I just have to laugh (and sometimes grit my teeth) at her stubborness. She is stubborn even when it comes to her toys and if she wants something she will make it happen no matter what.

The other day she wanted her flower headband on her head and it just wasn't cooperating. She worked at it and worked at it for what seemed like the entire day. She would yell and get so mad that it wouldn't stay on her head. She would throw it and then decide to try again so then she would have to go and get it. This battle between her and her headband went on forever. James and I just sat and enjoyed the show because it was quite entertaining.

Finally! She got it on. And then as quick as you could blink--she was done and on to something else. Ha!

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